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Hello everyone I am very excited to share my new youtube video with you.. I am so in love with the Emma 2020 movie you can watch the trailer here. Everything just looks so beautiful and so romantic to me. I am so in love with the beautiful white dresses that Emma used to wear throughout the movie and I decided to spend the day being dressed up inspired by Emma ( in a little modern-day version of course).

I am so in love with the beautiful dresses that Emma wears throughout the movie. You can see her wearing some beautiful white regency gowns in pretty colors she wears mostly white dress.. she does accessorize her dresses for different occasions like when having tea with Harriette or when she goes for a walk outside. I truly love these pretty dresses so much they look so romantic to me with the pretty puffy sleeves and she usually wears them with a blouse or an underdress underneath in different colors, depending on the occasions. I am wearing a beautiful white dress that I found at Anntique you can find her beautiful shop here I just love this dress so much it truly reminds me of the dresses that Emma used to wear, it has the most beautiful puffed sleeves and has the perfect length. I think that this dress is perfect for having tea and going for a nice long walk.. The dress is so beautifully made and it truly reminds me of Emma.. For the second dress, I am also wearing a dress from Anntique which is a beautiful white dress in a beautiful embroidered white material and pretty puffed sleeves, I love this dress so much it's perfect for a summer's picnic or to frolic around along the fields it's such a comfy and airy dress. For the third dress I am wearing a beautiful white vintage dress that I found on Etsy at American Archive you can find the shop here. This is my most favorite dress that I have in my closet it's so beautifully made and it has the most beautiful lace details. This dress is perfect for picking flowers in the gardens and to promenade around the gardens, it's such a beautiful dress. These are the dresses that I am wearing inspired by Emma. You can also find some beautiful dresses inspired by Emma here:

I also made this beautiful moodboard inspired by my youtube video Spending the day dressed like Emma.. I had so much fun creating this video for you and I truly hope you like it and that I can inspire you to dress like Emma. I am wishing you a wonderful day filled with lots of Love Joy Health and Happiness.. May you can spend it with your lovedones.




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