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Hello, my sweet friends.. I am so excited to finally share this video with you.. This Summer I decided to transform our old shed into a beautiful Fairy Cottage.. and I really love how it turned out and I cannot wait to share this amazing transformation with you..

The first thing that we had to do was to clean it all up.. The shed was really a mess and we never did anything with it we just stocked it up with stuff and over the years it was a real mess.. It wasn’t really pretty when we first move into our home it was very brown there were too dirty brown tables in there and yeah it wasn’t really pretty at all.. So I asked my sweet boyfriend to clean it all up!! to get rid of all the stuff and to make it all empty so that I could start painting everything. Once it was all cleaned I started painting the outside I started this project at the beginning of the Summer I believe I started at the end of May with this project.. we also had to go to Holland in between a couple of times for my boyfriends work and visiting our family ( I am originally from Holland ) So everything was a little bit delayed but when we came back from Holland the second time we really started to work on the shed.. After painting the outside I had to attach the planks.. Due to the weather three planks fell off so I had to attach them with some nails and a hammer. After I finished painting the front I started painting the inside it was a lot of work and I had to add another layer of paint because the paint turned more yellow.. After I painted everything I added the Fairy Sign to the shed.. and I love how pretty it already looks it’s so pretty and white..

I will be sharing part 2 of this video with how we decorated the shed.. I thought it would be so much fun to share one video of how we transformed this ugly brown shed into a beautiful Fairy Cottage and in part 2 we will decorate everything.. So if you like to see how beautiful this Fairy Cottage turned out please stay tuned for part 2 which I will be sharing on my youtube channel next week.. I truly hope I can inspire you and hopefully I will see you next week for part 2.. I am wishing you a wonderful day filled with lots of love, Joy, Health and Happiness.. May you can spend it with your loved ones and may all your dreams and wishes come true.. Sending you lots of love

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