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“I am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life.” ― Elsie de Wolfe.

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Welcome to my little boutique, I feel so honored to see you here.



My name is Vania Gomez and for as long as I can remember I am a real romantic at heart.



I love everything from the historic era, there is just something so timeless and beautiful in it to me. I love beautiful vintage pieces and I have a great love for beautiful florals in pastel colors. I also own a blog where I share all these beautiful items that inspire me everyday, I’ve been looking for beautiful floral prints and I simply couldn’t find them, thats what sparked the idea to design my own floral patterns and I just love it so much. I just love to be inspired by beautiful vintage items, floral teacups and floral dresses always make me so happy. And I really want to bring that back, simply because it makes me so happy and it reminds me of the simpeler times. All my florals are inspired by beautiful vintage china, vintage dresses and vintage wallpaper I can just get lost in these beautiful items and I am always so fascinated in how people used to make them with the little equipment that they used to have in those days. Nowadays it’s all a little bit easier but I do believe that the things were just so beautiful because the people took the time to make a unique piece. and that’s something that I want to bring into my collections, just try to make it as beautiful as I possible can, but always inspired by the beautiful things that I see around me.

I just love to be inspired and I love to use all of these elements in my designs.

I hope I can inspire you and thank you so much for visiting my shop, and may it bring you as much happiness as it brings me. 

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