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Lavaniashop was founded in May 2020 by Vania Gomez, after not being able to find where she was looking for (beautiful floral pieces in soft pastel colors). Vania decided to create her own floral pieces inspired by vintage china and floral dresses. We want to bring nostalgic into your homes Vania says. With a background in graphic design and Fashion styling Vania decided to create her own little shop, she says to me it's an escape from the reality Vania gets a lot of her inspiration from Jane Austin novels and historic drama movies it transfers you to a different time era Vania's says where things used to be simple, timeless and classic which is something our brand stands for but always with a little touch of modern by using modern-day materials. We want to bring the nostalgic into your homes Vania says with a simple touch of modern.

All our pieces are handmade in the United Kingdom.

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