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Getting Cosy at Home with my little girl..

Hello everyone

Hope you had a lovely weekend and Monday..? Today I wanted to share these photos with you.. The Fall weather is really in full swing here in the UK and its basically raining everyday and the sky is grey and it gets really cold outside. On those days I love to snuggle up at home with my little girl Merci I get all the pillows in our house and I put them on our lounge bed. Then I love to wear some comfy clothes I love this beautiful pink sweater and this sweatpants this is really my staying at home look and I love it, the fabrics are very soft and cosy perfect to wear at home. Our family just went trough a really bad time and on those dark days I love to feel thankful and grateful for my loved ones and I really try to look at the positive site of things and these days are really reminding me how important it is to be loved and to have an amazing family around you to help you keep going when life gets very tough. I hope I can inspire you to get cosy at home with your family and I will see you soon with some new inspiration.

Thanks for shopping by and have a lovely Day.

With lots of love and gratitude.

The F&F Sequin Popcorn Knit Bootie Slippers: Tesco

The F&F Supersoft Hoodie: Tesco

The F&F Supersoft Joggers: Tesco

The Pink Beanie: Zara

The Personalized Mug: The Card Factory

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