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Hello Everyone... I am so excited to share this post with you today, One of my most favorite movies at the moment has to be Emma (the 2020 version). I just love everything about this movie, it's so beautifully made and I just love the beautiful dresses that they've used to wear. I just love the pretty dress with the puffy sleeves I think it's so dreamy and I love how Emma wears this dress in different variations. She wears it with a lit of under dresses in different colors and every time the dress is transformed into another pretty dress. I just love to wear beautiful white dresses, so I was so happy to find this beautiful white dress inspired by Emma at the lovely Instagram shop called Ann.tique you can find it here.

I just love to wear beautiful dresses, for some reason they make me feel like I am living in the historic times. I just love the Jane Austen and Marie Antionette era's they are my favorite era's I just love how the woman used to dress in beautiful dresses and decorate their looks with pretty gloves, beautiful jewelry, and pretty ribbons. There is just something about these era's that I just love so much and I just love to daydream about living in those times, I know that we've come along way since then but I just love the romance of it all, the falling in love getting married, living in a beautiful cottage in the countryside or marrying a handsome rich man like Mr. Darcy and live on a beautiful estate, have long walks for exercise. Go to your local bakery for your fresh bread and eggs. There is just something so enchanting to those eras to me, And I just love to get inspired by these historic times.

I hope I can inspire you to dress up like Emma and to be inspired by the Jane Austen era, I just love this era so much from the beautiful dresses woman used to wear to having tea time and to wear beautiful accessories like gloves, ribbons, etc. I also love the beautiful interior they french chairs covered in beautiful fabrics in floral prints and pretty golden details. I just love these historic times so much and I just get so much inspiration out of it, especially from the Emma movie, It's one of my most favorite Jane Austen stories and I just love everything from this movie it's so inspiring and everything just looks so beautiful to me. If you haven't watched the movie yet, but you love Jane Austen and the historic times you should definitely go and watch it, this movie is just so beautifully made. You can watch the trailer of Emma here

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